Private Classes

Are you potentially interested in the benefits of yoga but feel uncomfortable about joining a group class in a yoga studio or do you don’t have time to go to a studio regularly?

Then my private yoga lessons are perfect for you. Here we focus on YOUR individual needs. You don’t have to follow the teacher and main group. I will meet you right where you are and we will focus on your needs, challenges or goals. All poses and modifications will be done specifically to your body and you will experience positive shifts and breakthroughs far quicker than if you practiced in a group class. 

I am 100% there for you! I will see and guide you through every movement, pose, sequence. You can ask as many questions as you like. We can take time to break down or adapt any pose according to any discomfort or injury you have. We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to! I am available for you way beyond our yoga lessons. You can contact me anytime with questions, observations and thoughts that come up. You don’t have to worry about your time table. We will meet on a day and time that is suitable for you in any space comfortable for you. I will help you keep consequent to your practice and guarantee our times together and be there to support you every week.

Each lesson we will focus on what you feel you need to be supported most on that day. For example if you feel energetic, we can do some powerful moves or if you really stressed and tired, we slowly stretch, meditate and do some relaxing breath work.

If you are interested in my private yoga classes, contact me and we will schedule a 30 minute phone call to answer any of your questions and find out if it is a good fit for both of us. Looking forward to hearing from you

You will find my pricelist here and my next appointments here.

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