Why you should do yoga at work?

Yoga is a slow impact, accessible form of exercise that works well in just about any space (even in hallways). When you practice yoga, you focus on the connection between body and breath, you naturally calm the mind and reduce stress or anxiety. Yoga relieves a lot of common aches and points that are associated with desk jobs like lower back pain and shoulder tension. Movement breaks are also known to enhance creativity and productivity, while also lowering blood pressure and stress hormones. It lifts your mood and gives you positive emotions. Practicing yoga with your colleagues is a great way to build connections.The entire office will bond over their shared experience.

Bring yoga to your office! Is your office interested in yoga classes? Contact me to determine how many people will participate and the best times/days to hold the class. You can choose standing or chair supported classes for smaller office spaces too.

You will find my pricelist here and my next appointments here.

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